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Rags to Riches Story (14:41)
Narrated explanation of the process of conversion of waste textile materials into quality end products.
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Ramcon Process Overview (10:28)
Plant video of a complete manufacturing line in production.  This line has three Stratumiser IV Shuttleless Cross Lappers, a System Six Dry Resin Applicator, a Ramcon Ramair Oven and Ramair Compression Cooler, a Bonded Fiber Slitter, and a Peerless II Automatic Cutter and Pad Stacker with Ram-Press automatic packaging.  A short ending segment shows a Peerless II Automatic Folder/Stacker arrangement.

Cross-Lapper (2:55)
Production-line footage from the Process Overview of the Ramcon Stratumiser IV Shuttleless Cross Lapper.

Stacker Automatic Packaging (1:44)
Production-line footage from the Process Overview of  the Peerless II Cutter and Automatic Stacker,  and Ram-Press automatic packaging machine.

Automatic Cutter/Folder/Stacker (2:28)

Shop trials of an automatic pad stacker operating in both folded-pad mode and in regular flat-pad stacking.

Bonded Fiber Slitter (2:12)

Shop test of Ramcon-Fiberlok’s Bonded Fiber Slitter, showing score cutting, knife operation and adjustment.

Automatic Pad Stacker (3:17)

Production-line clip showing stacking of firm pads, followed by shop trials of a soft pad stacker.

Guillotine Cross Cutter (1:25)
Shop test video showing the Peerless II Cross Cutter in action.  The Cross Cutter shown is integrated with our Bonded Fiber Slitter and Automatic Pad Stacker.
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