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Household Applications for Bonded Fibers

We don't make bedding, furniture, carpet underlay, automobiles, or scores of other consumer and industrial products.

We help make them better.

Our customers make the cushioning and padding that makes these products quieter, softer, more comfortable, more durable, safer, more functional and more economical. We supply those cushioning and padding manufacturers with the technology, the machinery, and the unique bonding resins that make all this possible.

In mattresses, FLEX-XEL™ bi-component pads provide the tough insulator that makes a shield from the steel springs of mattresses and a resilient tip cushion for comfort and durability. In furniture, FLEX-XEL pads function the same way under cushions and in the backs and arms of upholstered items.

Bedding & Furniture

spring insulators; cushion pads; toppers; bi-component pads; deck pads; arm wraps; cushion wrap

Even in carpets, again unseen by the customer, FLEX-XEL™ bonded underlay provides the cushioning and stability that increase the desirability and longevity of carpeting in both household and industrial uses.

Many of these unseen products inside, behind or beneath articles which consumers use throughout the world everyday are made completely of recycled raw materials: both the fiber and the bonding resins. So they perform a double service - better living for people and better protection of the environment.

The versatility of the RAMCON-FIBERLOK system enables many different types of pads, with specialized functional properties, to be made on a single production line.

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