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Dry Power Injection Process

The production lines we supply make quality padding efficiently and cost effectively.

The RAMCON-FIBERLOK bonding system is the world's only method of injecting completely dry resin uniformly into an entire nonwoven batt. It even handles needled pads and combines various layers of padding and batting to produce unique products for specific end uses.

FLEX-XEL™, BANFLAME™ and BUCKITE™ pads can all be made in a wide range of densities and thicknesses on the same production line. The dry powder bonding mechanism enables the selected fibers to express their inherent characteristics while being cohesively held together in the desired physical configuration. This explains why the FLEX-XEL™ system is different from any other pad manufacturing method.

RAMCON-FIBERLOK manufactures the unique System-Six Dry Resin Applicator (A) to combine fiber and powdered resin cleanly and evenly with a resin usage efficiency of roughly 99%. Special floor aprons permit multi-component pads to be prepared and all needle punching to be done prior to powder application. Hot air ovens employing the flow-through principle heat and cure pads, after which thickness is set precisely by either chilled rolls or a double belt cooler. (B) Our quality machines then slit, cross-cut, and either roll or automatically stack flat pads at the end of the process. (C) These pads may be folded with another of our machines, and either flat or folded pads may be baled in the RAMCON-FIBERLOK compression equipment.

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