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Resin Sales and Applications

RAMCON-FIBERLOK, Inc. is the company that pioneered non-phenolic powdered resin bonding of nonwovens more than a quarter century ago.  Learn why we and our customers think powder bonding of nonwovens is a better way.

During the past twenty five years RAMCON-FIBERLOK has pioneered, improved, and now essentially perfected systems for bonding fibers into a wide variety of nonwoven pad structures.  Production lines using the RAMCON-FIBERLOK technology, equipment, and resins are operation in countries around the world, with more going on-line every year.

The Resin section of our web site explains the FLEX-XEL™ bonding system, describes our unique powdered resins, and shows a variety of FLEX-XEL™ products. To view our specialized machinery designed for the manufacture of FLEX-XEL™ products, please browse the Machinery section of the site.

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