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Combination & Specialty Machines

Combination slitter-cutter-runout table
Combination Units
Slitter - Cutter
Slitter - Cutter - Stacker
Slitter - Cutter - Folder - Stacker
Slitter - Cutter - Run-Out Table
Just about any combination you need!

Our combination machines offer all the features of the individual units while integrating them into a single functional system, saving the customer valuable space as well as offering significant cost savings. If you require two or more of our machines, (slitter, cutter, folder, stacker, run-out table) contact us about options we can offer on a custom designed combination machine.

Key Benefits

  • Custom designed cutter-folder-stacker for bedding / furniture felt
    Significant savings in cost over separate machines
  • Less space required than multiple separate machines
  • Integrated controls for ease of operation
  • Quicker manufacturing and delivery to customer

Specialty Machines
As a manufacturer of custom equipment for the nonwovens industry, we are in a unique position to help solve your unique manufacturing challenges. Feel free to ask us how we can customize our equipment to meet your special needs.


Specialty mobile stacker moves between two production lines

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