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Automatic Pad Stacker

Labor saving

  • Precise stacking of individual panels
  • Optional pad stacking or roll making

Standard Operating parameters

  • Max width of pad 198" (5m)
  • Max length of pad 120" (3m)
  • Max stacking height 72" (1.8m)
  • Max line speed 60 feet/min (18m/min)

Stackers are custom-built for:

  • Higher speed
  • Non standard pad sizes
  • Different stacking heights
  • Folded pads
  • Soft Products


  • Solid steel construction stacker table
  • Light weight aluminum construction stacker carriage, complete with long life linear motion components
  • High tension aluminum pad support rails on 4" centers to allow stacking of multiple pads side by side
  • Drive assembly complete with bevel gear, pneumatic clutches, brakes, timing belts and chain drives
  • Stacker drive with Sumitomo gearmotor, TEFC, and VFD speed control
  • Heavy duty scissor-lift, complete with high cycle bearing kit, beveled toe guard for pit mounting, full width discharge apron and conveyor drive motor
  • Hydraulic unit, complete with TEFC motor, oil reservoir, safety valve, return filter, solenoids, flow controls, etc.
  • Electronic pad sensing device and programmable pad counter
  • Quick release mandrel brackets for roll making
  • Machine mounted electrical control and operating panel with PLC controller
 Video: Automatic Pad Stacker (3:17) 

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