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Oven Cooler Combination

High Efficiency Thermal Bonding Ovens
Non-Clogging Plenum Design
Compression Type Cooler
High Efficiency Single Conveyor Cooler

Standard Operating Parameters

  • Conveyor width 100" (2.5m)
  • Length of heated zone 20' - 30 ' 40' (6m, 9m, 12m)
  • Length of cooling zone compression cooler 10' (3m)
  • Length of cooling zone single conveyor cooler 3' (1m)

Design: Oven

  • 100" wide, high carbon, positive drive flat wire conveyor
  • Standard telescoping aluminized panel construction, separated by 4" non-settling semi-rigid fiberglass insulation
  • Direct fired gas heater unit with forward curved double width, double inlet circulating fan design
  • Heater located on top of oven
  • Programmable temperature controller with modulating gas control motor, FM approval
  • Aluminized recirculation duct with high-velocity slots plenum and adjustable volume control dampers
  • Two exhaust plenums at entrance and outlet of oven
  • Baffles at both sides to adjust working with from 74" to 95” (1.9m to 2.4m)
  • 2 HP oven conveyor drive with Sumitomo gearmotor, TEFC, and VFD speed control 

Design: Compression Cooler

  • Lower Conveyor 98" (2.5m) wide positive chain edge drive, balanced weave stainless steel belt
  • Upper conveyor 96" (2.4m) wide heat set PET conveyor with belt guide
  • Gap between upper and lower conveyor motorized adjustable
  • Ambient cooling air comes in through an intake channel at the exit end of cooler
  • Two vaneaxial fans pull the air through the pad and exhaust it outside the building

Design: Single-Conveyor Cooler

  • Sprocket driven, high carbon, 100" wide flat wire conveyor
  • Ambient cooling air comes in through an intake channel on top of the cooler
  • Vaneaxial fan pulls the air through the pad and exhausts it outside the building
We also manufacture stand alone ovens and coolers.

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