Ramcon Fiberlok Incorporated

System Six Dry Powder Applicator

World's only dry powder applicator for fully-formed batts or pad
Treats up to 3,000 pounds per hour
Handles either plain or needled batts
Makes multi-component pads in one pass
Controls dust
Powder efficiency up to 99%
Applies a variety of powders, including Ramcon's own bonding resins

Standard Operating Parameters

  • Unique application system for dry powders
  • Treats fibrous batt up to approximately 3,000 lbs/hr. (1500kg/hr.)
  • Treats single or bi-component (needled) felt
  • Max line speed 65 feet/min (20m/min)
  • Product weight 1.5 - 5 oz/sq. ft. (400gr.m - 1500gr/m)
  • Maximum powder add-on 30% (by weight, aprox. for s.g. of 1.5)


  • 2,000 lb. (900kg.) powder storage and supply mixer
  • Two volumetric powder screw feeders
  • Powder applicator
    • steel fabricated, totally enclosed applicator housing
    • 100" wide stainless steel top and bottom conveyor
    • top and bottom resin supply nozzles
    • top and bottom vacuum plenums
    • powder distribution and feed system
    • pressure and suction circulating fans with VFD speed control
    • applicator drive with Sumitomo gearmotor TEFC and VFD speed control
    • motorized lifting mechanism for upper applicator conveyor
    • optional in and outlet conveyors
  • Powder Collecting and Reclaim System
  • Roto-flow airlock
  • Vibro energy screen separator
  • Electrical control and operating panel with PLC controller
  • OSHA guarding

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