Ramcon Fiberlok Incorporated

High Speed Horizontal Cross-Lapper

Revolutionary Design

  • Up to 200 feet per minute
  • 120" lay-down width
  • No web transition points from entry to exit of lapper
  • Self guided, high quality conveyor belts with non-metallic lacing
  • Compact modular design
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Pre-assembled shipment for minimum installation time
  • Shaft mounted reversing gearmotor for carriage drive (no clutches!)
  • Shaft mounted gearmotor for conveyer drive
  • Light weight, precision guided lay-down carriage and conveyor  support carriage, on timing belt drives
  • Electronic adjustment of lay-down width, adjustable during operation individually  controlled for each side
  • Automatic or manual operation (In "AUTO" cross-lapper follows card or garnett speed)
  • Totally enclosed but easily accessible for routine service
  • Economically priced

 Video: Ramcon Stratumiser IV Crosslapper (2:55)

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