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Whether you are manufacturing floor covering underlayment, insulation, ceiling panels, or other building products, Ramcon-Fiberlok's materials and know-how can make your products more attractive to builders seeking LEED certification for their projects.

LEED Credit Credit Description How We Can Help
Materials & Resources:
MR Credit 4
Recycled Content – 10%/20% Our bonding resins meet the LEED definition of “postconsumer recycled content”, so at usual application rates of 10-20% by weight, your building products manufactured with our bonding resins get full credit toward meeting total recycled content goals for green building projects. If your fibers are also recycled, they would further contribute to the total.
Materials & Resources:
MR Credit 5
Regional Materials, sourced within 500 miles If your building product's fiber content, whether natural, reclaimed, or manufactured, is sourced within 500 miles of your point of manufacture, your products will contribute to your customer's credits in this category.
Materials & Resources:
MR Credit 6
Rapidly Renewable Materials If your building product utilizes natural fibers, you may be able to contribute to your customer's renewable materials credits.
Indoor Environmental Quality:
IEQ Credit 3.2
Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan – Before Occupancy Our bonding resins contain no phenol or formaldehyde, and furthermore have low rates of offgassing after manufacture, so your building materials will contribute to LEED credits in the area of indoor air quality management if your customer chooses to use the Air Testing Option to earn these credits.
Indoor Environmental Quality:
IEQ Credit 4.3
Low-Emitting Materials – Flooring Systems Ramcon-Fiberlok bonding resins utilized in the manufacture of carpet cushion products may help your customers meet the requirements of this LEED category.
Indoor Environmental Quality:
IEQ Credit 4.4
Low-Emitting Materials – Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products Utilization of our formaldehyde-free bonding resins in these products may help your customers achieve credit in this category.

Manufactured products that incorporate Ramcon-Fiberlok binding resin must be evaluated for compliance with LEED requirements in their finished forms. While data on the resin, and technical knowledge about the batt forming process, will be provided by Ramcon-Fiberlok, any required testing or certification of the finished composite product is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

For more info about LEED for New Construction & Major Renovations, visit the web site of the U.S. Green Building Council.


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